About Gary Reid

Gary Reid on BBC News


I’ve been in the marketing business for a few decades now, actually started in sales back in the early 80’s.

I put my first website live in 1996, optimised a website for search before Google had even launched, booked my first display ad in 1998, ran PPC campaigns on GoTo’s DTC (Direct Traffic Center) in 2000 and placed ads on AdWords when you paid a CPM based on position, well before they Used CPC’s.

I built, grew and sold 3 tech companies in the early dotcom days and this is where I learned my trade, everything from the infrastructure that makes the web work through basic PHP coding to strategy and execution of online marketing.

Currently I work at Forward3d and have helped them grow from 50 people and one office to over 300 people across 11 offices.

With over 20 years digital experience having worked in senior management and board level roles at some of the worlds leading agencies, delivering results for household names such as Hilton and Nike

Gary Reid at Benesse House Naoshima Japan
Gary Reid at Benesse House Naoshima Japan, one of my favourite places on Earth